July 9, 2009

Who's the Momma?

I live a charmed life with my family here in a beautiful valley in Utah.
We spend our days playing, farming (sort of) and learning together.
I am living a life that I never expected. More alternative than I ever imagined.
It doesn't feel alternative, but once in a while when I consider what's going on in the world around me, it hits home. We're a little different.

We are not part of the major religion of Utah (can ya guess what that is?),
and our days are shaped instead by the teachings of the Baha'i Faith.

We don't send our kids to school every day,
but have chosen to learn and grow together at home.

We don't get television reception and we like it that way.

We enjoy each day together, talking, laughing, and loving.

I am...
The momma, or Skyla if you're not one of my brood.  I spent a short spell in the public schools of Tennessee and Oregon before I decided to bring it all home when my first born arrived.  Now I'm also senior administrator, janitor, activities coordinator, and intellectual development specialist for the Christison Academy of the Arts and Sciences.  I'm the family photographer who is almost never in the pictures because I'm the one taking them.  This picture was taken by my 8 year old daughter for the back cover of my book.  Oh yes!  That reminds me!

Just recently I added published author to my list of titles.  Pretty soon my first book, Home Field Advantage, will be available (November 2012 we hope!) to help new homeschoolers evaluate their options and design a curriculum that fits the unique needs of their family.  I'm so excited to finally share this book with the world! 

There's also...

Joe, Daddy and Patent Agent extraordinaire
who loves spending time with his family and all things outdoors,
who is provider of love and laughter in addition to home and food!  This is the guy to see about a fishing trip, camping in the rain, fake words to country western songs, and fantastic snuggles.


Hannah Jane, 8 1/2
who loves animals and all things yellow,
who almost never stops talking,
who is kind, generous, and filled with love for just about everyone she meets.  She wants to change the world, and she wants to do it from horseback!

Hunter, 6
who loves dinosaurs and and trees,
who could spend hours tossing rocks into a stream,
who is like distant thunder, quiet but strong, sensitive and brave, and a little moody.
He wants to be a paleontologist and tree doctor who hunts for new volcanoes as a hobby.

Haven, 5
who loves snuggles and snacks,
who could run for days and never wear out,
who is brilliant and funny, and who never lets the world get him down.
He wants to be whatever it is that daddy is because that job gives you an iPad with aps and sometimes you get to go out to eat at restaurants with your tie on!  The rest of us think he's got a bright future in graffiti art ahead of him, but we're trying to break him of that. 

There are others, I suppose. There's Stillwater and Buttercup the dogs; Daisy, Luke, Captain Rex, and Tabby, the cats Weather, Bella, Anya, and Speckalina the goats;  Finn McMissile the fish; and 12 chickens who share 5 names because a chicken looks like a chicken. Know what I mean? (Chicken update:  Because of a friendly neighborhood fox, we're down to one chicken with its very own name, Survivor!)

This is a place for us to share what we love with the people we love (and a few we haven't had the pleasure of meeting just yet). So sit back and join us for a while, if only in your heart.


  1. Anonymous23.1.13

    What a beautiful family! Lovely website, thanks for all the info.

  2. Found you via Chelsea of Moments A Day... beautiful blog and I can't wait to look around some more :)


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