September 21, 2009

C is for Cat!

Sticking with the order of letter introduction set out in Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, we proceeded to do crafts with the letter C today. But of course, as followers of Engleman's method we never call it "the letter C" but rather call it by the sound it makes.
Before we began we talked about where the different parts of a cat belong-Is a tail ever on a cat's head? No. Are there ever ears on a cat's belly? Of course not! Then I cut out ears and a tail for the boys to decorate with stripes or spots and then gave them each a glue stick so that they could glue the spare parts to the appropriate spot on their C cat. This part was tricky for Haven (the youngest) and his ear first ended up on the bottom of the C. We went through the questions again and he quickly peeled the ear off the bottom and placed it up with the other ear on top of the C.

If you build up to the activity carefully, this can cover not only arts and crafts, but spatial relations, as well as animal study. You can ask if the ears would go some place different if we were making a C person or how they would look if this were a C chicken. This gets them thinking about placement of body parts on all different types of critters while they are working.

Letter animals are a fun was to help them remember at least one word that starts with the sound you are studying.

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