September 14, 2009

Camping Trip

We had a group camping trip with the Cache Valley Baha'is on Saturday night. A surprising amount of people came, including a couple from Corvallis, OR who are in town on sabbatical from OSU. It had Barb and I saying, "Look at us! We're actually doing something as a group!"

We chose the Friendship Campground, not so deep into Blacksmith Fork Canyon as our site but gave fair warning that the road was crazy rough. Everyone handled the road with good spirits, including Jim, who has a learners permit. Once we set up camp it was dinner time. Our visitors supplied one of the best dishes I have ever tasted and all the while I'm saying, "My goodness. We're camping and I'm eating better than I usually do at home!"

After dinner we had a short devotional time that, as usual, got a little controversial, but I suppose that's what makes our group unique. We have mastered the emotionally charged devotionals. Our poor guests had no clue what they had gotten themselves into!

We moved on to marshmallows and bed time for the kids. The adults stayed up and talked about the most random stuff like how to not drink beer at a party without making other people uncomfortable and what Andy's date may or may not wear to homecoming. Useless discussions really cement a group socially, though. It was so nice to have our crew hanging out, shooting the breeze, and being friends rather than just meeting up at feast and hitting the door at the first chance.

In the morning Norma made pancakes from her own made-from-scratch-pancake mix. They were, again, better than anything I serve at home. This was seriously a great food camping trip. I left with 2 new recipes! We all headed up the mountain for a hike afer cleaning up camp. We actually made it a good distance, even with the kids in tow, because there were plenty of adults who didn't mind helping carry when little legs got tired.

All in all I think we had a successful camping trip. Perhaps we'll make it an annual event!

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