September 23, 2009

Children's Prayer

Finally all three kids know a prayer that they can sing together! They sing it all day long, but Hunter usually gets a kick out of singing it faster than everyone else and yelling, "Momma!" in the middle. I have to smile and think back to my feelings about disruptive little boys back when I was teaching in public schools and how I thought my kids will never e this disruptive! Boy did that com back to bite me. But, of course, when it's your kid you think it's tolerable and even a little cute when they sing the prayer too fast. It does not, however, make for great family video :)

Anyway, I am so proud of little Haven singing his prayer that I just had to share.
For you non-Baha'is who don't speak Haven, the prayer goes like this: Oh God guide me. Protect me. Make of me shining lamp and a brilliant star.

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  1. OH--So beautiful. I miss you guys. He's growing up so... Wonderful to hear his voice.


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