September 23, 2009

color matching cards

I was, as usual, looking for new Montessori style activities for the boys and ran across a great post by a homeschooling family (which I am going to go out on a limb here and guess by the names of their children, Haifa and Justice, that they might possibly be Baha'i like us :) ). I got so many great ideas for activities from the pictures from their family. Their home looked to be decked out in the nice Montessori manipulatives, which I cannot possibly afford. But I am a resourceful gal with oh so much free time (wink) so I figured that I had better get to work making some of my own manipulatives. Here's one we came up with, as inspired by little Hiafa's preschool studies.

I used index cards and my trusty Crayola markers to make cards with one block of color on each card. To start off, I had the boys go scavenger hunt style to collect small toys the color of their card. This is a great mommy trick in itself because it bought Hannah Jane some quiet time in the school room to work on her "doubles plus one" facts. AS they came back with their treasures I would congratulate them and give them the next color card (more quiet time!!!) and off they would go.

Once we had all of our little toys, we used them along with the cards to make a new activity box on our low shelf. Now they can play the matching game any time they want. And boy do they play it!

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