September 8, 2009

Dental Science

Nothing brings the whole family together for a learning moment quite like a science experiment. Sure Hannah Jane is the only one who really makes that all important educated guess, but the boys get quite a thrill out of just being allowed to observe so closely.

Since we decided to go for dental health day instead of Labor Day we found an experiment to go along with our theme. Hannah Jane placed an egg in a glass of vinegar and one in a glass of soda to simulate teeth in acid and in sugar. The only problem was that I only had diet soda so presumably we're not getting the sugar effect. To make up for it we stirred half a cup of sugar into the diet root beer and proceeded.

Pouring, stirring, and measuring make the kids so excited that it's one of the few times that they sit still and take turns with great obedience. Manners greatly improve. It's amazing. If only we could do science all day long!

Hannah Jane recorded her predictions with great care, poured the liquids, and carefully allowed each of her brothers to stick their fingers in the vinegar and touch the egg. Ooh...they were so into it! I walked in the kitchen to catch Hunter just standing there starring at the 2 glasses in the window. Nothing was really going on, but he was faithfully waiting for some kind of explosion of something. Who knows? Whatever he was waiting for, I just let him wait. So rarely is he this quietly observant.

Well her predictions were all wrong, but I predict that her teeth will get brushed better from now on!

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