September 29, 2009

Disney Land Summary

So here's the run down...

We put on our home made tie dyed shirts and then watched some TV while we waited for Grandma Jamma and Ant Jeanie to catch the spirit. Having not seen real TV in a few months, they took this activity quite seriously!

We rode the shuttle, which turned out to be a favorite ride of Haven's. He yelled, "That's my bus!" every time he saw it. Some man actually asked Haven's permission to ride the bus, being that it was Haven's and all! Pretty cute!

We hit Small World first, and several times after. Joe kept turning around and singing, "It's a Baha'i World after all!" And I suppose he was right. That is a very Baha'i ride!

All Hunter really cared about was eating a lollipop, so finally, when he stopped crying for one, we forked over 5 bucks and made sure his Disney Land dream came true. He savored ever sugary lick of that giant lollipop.

We found the all important Pixie Hollow and it turns out, Hannah Jane has a new favorite fairy. For a hard core Tinkerbell fan, she sure fell in love with this fairy, who sadly, is not as popular as Tink, and whose name I don't yet know. But, hey! You don't have to know her name to be a fan!

We hit a show at California Adventure. I LOVE that park, by the way. Best parade EVER and best shows EVER! Did I capitalize enough there for you to get that this is an AWESOME park? Anyway, Hunter was a bit overwhelmed by all of the story book villains from over in Disney Land, and had a little trouble unwinding for his all time favorite TV friends from Mickey Mouse Club House. Hannah, clearly was way into it!

On our last day we finally met Mickey in his vault behind his house in Toon Town. I questioned waiting in that line, but boy oh boy was it worth it. They really go out of their way to make it a magical experience by taking you, a couple families at a time, into his backstage room in the Disney vault to spend a little private time with Mickey. This is my favorite pic of the trip! Yeah, I know Hunter is making a crazy monkey face, but you take what you can get. And we were all so relieved that Hunter finally got to hug a character that he loved. I'll take the memory regardless of the face.

Then we finished our trip with the Princess Dinner. Again, can I just say what a truly magical experience this was? The food was amazing. No detail was overlooked. Each item was beautiful, almost too beautiful to eat. The princesses were amazing and each one came to the table to spend some time with the kids. Hannah Jane was in heaven, and the boys looked at them like aliens from another planet. That actually stuck me by surprise because the boys ask for a princess book before bed every night. Anyway, if you go, it's worth the cost.

Before heading to bed and off to Vegas tomorrow, the kids had to take a last dip in the pool. But not me. It is actually cold in LA in the evenings and I couldn't bring myself to get in. I took a dip in the hot tub, though, which was a bit of long overdue relaxation.

We had a great trip. I got a little emotional several times (since that's the kind of sappy mom that I am) and am sad to go tomorrow. I was worried that they wouldn't get into it as much as other kids since to them these are characters in a book rather than movie stars (with a few exceptions). But everyone loved it. There was something for everyone. Can't wait to do it again, many years from now, to see the boys experience it closer to the age Hannah Jane is now.

Tomorrow, Vegas!

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