September 5, 2009

Fabulous Baha'i Blog Find

I received notice that my last post on my old blog site had a comment pending moderation. I have to admit that I didn't quite understand the comment (whether he felt like my text did not in fact link to m new web home, my grammar was bad, or he was making a joke) but I clicked to see his site because I had no idea who he was. What I found knocked my socks off.

This fella has the most in-depth commentaries with resources and logical explanations for jut about any Baha'i topic I can think of. Had I wandered upon his musings while I was doing my 2 year long, foot dragging investigation into the faith I might have shortened that lag time a bit. So many questions I had never thought to ask. So much care for detail.

This is a dangerous blog in that I could get lost in it for hours like a bookstore that specializes in the hard to find, antique, and out of print books. If you are in any way attracted to or interested in the Baha'i Faith, this is a must visit blog. I am embarrassed to think of that guy visiting my blog. But I feel quite lucky he did or I may have never found the mass quantities of information that are there. What a treasure chest!

Go see him at

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