September 17, 2009

Fall Bean Craft

Today we did a great fall craft that each of the kids (ages 2 through almost 6) could adjust according to their own capacities. They had a blast. Here's what we did...

We started off by dumping out our massive cookie cutter collection. I encouraged the kids to choose something with a fall theme, but of course half the fun of these crafts is sifting through each shape, naming it, and then pondering what cool art you could make with it before moving on to the next piece. Eventually everyone settled on maple leaf shapes and we moved on.

Next we traced the cookie cutter shape onto the paper and then used a paint brush to spread a thick coat of paste on our leaf shape. Tracing skills are a bit tricky for the itty bitty guys, so this is where we just decided to see what would take shape. Hunter, 3, did surprisingly well.

Then I gave the kids a cup of 15 bean soup. Is it just me or was it just 10 bean soup up until recently? Where did the extra 5 beans come from? Anyway, they carefully filled up the shape with beans. Haven, 2, just had beans scattered all over his paper but he was happy as a clam with it, so I was too! the best part of this craft is just getting to feel the beans in their fingers.(Amalie fans cheer!)

Hannah Jane decorated her final product and then snapped this pic herself. Bats and pumpkins were on the brain, I suppose.

This craft screams fall is here! The sound and smell of the beans reminds us of the crunchy leaves that will soon be under foot. The adaptability makes it great for the whole family!

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