September 3, 2009

How could the Tooth Fairy carry this?

HannahJane had a tooth that was hanging on by an invisible thread for days. It was the grossest thing I have ever witnessed. The loosest tooth ever to not have fallen out a week ago. Seriously, ick!

We flicked it, yanked it, the whole 9 yards. No go. It was shocking how long that dangling sucker held on.
More shocking, however, is what the tooth fairy managed to place under her pillow when it finally came out. Want to take a guess? A bow and arrow set. Yup. My pink all the way princess received a bow and arrow and LOVES it. I'm sure I don't have to tell you which of us performed retail aid for the tooth fairy this go round. Joe assures me that she's been wanting one, and it looks like he was right.

This morning she came running and screaming, "How did she carry this?!?!? She must have gotten 100 fairy friends to help her!" I'm thinking or one big daddy, perhaps? Then she said what I consider to be the most advanced piece of archery humor ever delivered by a 5 year old. She whispers, "When I reached under my pillow I just quivered with delight!"
Watch out, people! SOmeone's about to lose and eye!

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  1. Anonymous3.9.09

    She says some of the most mature (and hilarious) things!


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