September 15, 2009

Human Rights Address

Watching this video, shared on facebook by a friend, I thought to myself Man! If I could just get that across to my kids I'll have done a bang up job at this motherhood gig! The Baha'i writing teach that moral education is of greater importance than academic education. That an honest and kind person with little understanding of science or math will fair better than a brilliantly educated person who is morally corrupt. You of course want for your child to have both a wonderfully developed moral character and a brilliant mind. But as I listen to this woman's words, I hear exactly what I want my kids to understand. Some of it seems like old news, like stating the obvious. But that's kind of what's beautiful about it. That it seems obvious just means I've been hanging around the right people for a while. I want to ensure that it's one of those DUH moments for my kids too. Keeping these idea at the forefront of education, both at home and in the schools, could heal so many problems we face.

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