September 7, 2009

Lapbook Mania!

We've been lapbooking for some time now as part of our Tapestry of Grace program, but that was all we had done. I never ventured outside of the very exact directions that came with the CD ROM. It was fun, but not wowing. Certainly not our favorite part of the program. But then I saw that our homeschooling group was going to be hosting a lapbook workshop. What? That's not just at TOG thing? Huh? I wanted to go, but it was in the middle of the day with no child care available (not super convenient for mom's of itty bitties). But that had sparked my curiosity. How else are people lapbooking? I Googled it - where would I be without Google?- and found so many amazing lapbooking ideas and pictures. It was overwhelming.

Hannah Jane began giggling with giddy excitement. "Can we make a tooth lapbook? How about space? I want to know about that black hole I keep hearing about. can we do that?" She has always dreaded the lapbbok because it mean more writing, but suddenly she thought that writing was a fair trade for information on molars and imploding space particles.

I got to work right away downloading and cutting, folding file folders and watching youtube tutorials. Oh, the excitement! Hannah Jane begged to start working on one right away, even though it was Sunday. What? You want to school on a Sunday? Alright then! She got to work right away designing the cover of her first ever non-TOG lapbook.

Today, it was done! School took a lot longer because I didn't want to sacrifice any of the usual content for this, but Hannah jane didn't mind at all and we were still done by lunch time. We labeled diagrams of teeth, wrote Baha'i scriptures about all the different things you can do with your mouth, identified what different teeth do, how may we have as children and adults, and made an accordion book confirming that George Washington never actually had wooden teeth. Now she has a new treasure. She is so proud of that book and is dying to make the next.

Hooray for lapbooks!!!


  1. Very cool! I had a mom come into the library last week who was looking for resources to go along with the ToG curriculum. I thought of you!

    Hanah Jane did a wonderful job!

  2. Hope you found her something! There's a whole library list for eery week of that curriculum. We love it!


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