September 22, 2009

Letter C cakes!

For more letter C fun we made letter C cakes today. I cut out a simple cake shape from purple paper and wrote a letter C on the front. I asked the boys what words they knew that started with a C sound (making the sound rather than saying the name of the letter). As soon as someone said cake I jumped up and said, "That sounds fun! Let's make one! I handed them the pre-cut purple cakes and some tissue paper.

The boys tore small pieces of tissue paper and wadded them up into little balls. I put a ring of glue around the top of the cake where that decorative frosting that grocery store bakeries are so well known for and they went to town sticking the balls where frosting would go. Easy, no fuss craft that lets them make a little mess - which is really necessary if you're going to have any fun at all - and gives you another chance to call to their minds a word that starts with the C sound. Tada!

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