September 16, 2009

new music for the littles

Alight, folks. My friends Kat has a knack for finding only the very coolest music and now she's got a baby - so may we all benefit from her coolness. I opened my inbox this morning to find a short little note...Have you heard of Elizabeth Mitchell? And I'm thinking, Yeah! She's my favorite on LOST! But I Googled her as a musician to find yet another Elizabeth Mitchell who is, as I should have expected, tragically hip with a sound that makes you feel like your sitting in front of that record player you grew up with.

As soon as I clicked to listen my kids, who had previously been swirling around the house in a frenzy, landed softly on my bed to hear the mellowed out tunes streaming to my laptop. They just piled one on top of another and smiled and swayed. What sweet little songs that won't give you cavities, but will make you actually look forward to music time with the littles. This is the ultimate front porch pickin' music for kids. You have to hear it to love it, so go to you are my flower and give it a listen.


  1. Jirkagirl17.9.09

    Ahh, she's friends with Lisa Loeb. No wonder you love her. Me and the munchkins are rockin' to the rasta ABC's. Love the new cooking blog! Who would have thought? Happy birthday!

  2. I know, right? I am so predictable. Love that I can pass on my chickrock addiction to the next generation. Did you not love it?


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