September 7, 2009

Serious Peacefulness

Man! The past week was among the most hectic recorded in the Christison family books. I thought we might not make it through. I spent hours watching parenting webinars and mulling over discipline books. I usually think we've got things solidly under control, but all it took was one weekend off our routine for the kids to revolt.

After surviving the week I decided to lay down the law in a very serious, calm, and systematic way. I mapped out my every move. I anticipated every possible attack the kids could launch and pre-planned a covert operation to squash their rebellion before it could have a chance to draw sibling followers. Sound like war? After the week he had, it was war.

The result was a remarkably fun and enchanting weekend. I didn't get my hopes up, though. These little mini parenting assaults always have positive effects, but for how long? Well, I am pleased to report that today's school day had a gem of a moment that was just a cherry on top of a picture perfect day.

I walked into the sunroom to behold the sweetest scene. In the Arms of the Angel was softly playing over the iPod speakers, the scent of apples baking in the oven wafted through the air, and there at the couch was my typically crabby littlest man quietly studying a book with great intensity. He flipped the pages softly and made little noises of interest. I stood quietly in the kitchen, peering over the table at him and being careful not to interrupt this zen like moment. I knew for certain that the moment I was discovered the spell would be broken and we'd launch back into chaotic reality. But when finally he looked up and noticed me there, he cheerfully said, "Oh, hi Momma!" My heart melted. That quiet feeling of family contentment that had been missing for an entire week was back all at once as this baby faced little man smiled at me from over his book.

These are the moments that motherhood is all about. You know, the moments that life throws you a bone and suddenly you remember with every fiber of your being why you chose to bring that tiny little blessing into the world. That same little blessing who has had you at the end of your rope time and again is the one who brings you back to heaven on earth. What a moment!

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