September 15, 2009

Short A Day!

Today was a short 'a' bonanza! We made crafts, sang songs, and had a marathon list of short 'a' words and nonsense words. The boys love the days that we do a ton of preschoolish stuff for them. Hannah Jane loves getting to do the little kids crafts (which I assume are akin to what she'd be doing in public school, since the government would have her in kindergarten) but gets annoyed at having to move on to more advanced subjects while the boys get to continue on with preschool fun. We try not to be to obnoxious with our fun while she's studiously approaching a Spanish project.

First we made apples. We tore paper apples in half and then finger printed seeds on the core.

Then we used a staining technique with coffee and a wadded up paper towel to mimic the look of an apple that has had a bite taken out for a while and has started to oxidize.

Then we pasted the apple to the core and displayed it with a Baha'i quote about fruit!

Then, while Hannah Jane worked on her reading, the boys made finger print ants on a big letter A. She couldn't resist helping out when she felt the project was not being done up to her standards. She's a mini-me control freak!

(yes, I know they're still in PJ's. Some days that's just how we do it!)
Building up to this short a field day, we have been doing worksheets from KidZone and working from the book Teach Your Child to Read in 1oo Easy Lessons which we love!

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