September 23, 2009

Sort of movable alphabet

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The Montessori movable alphabets are crazy expensive (in my opinion, anyway) so we're going with the good ole' magnetic alphabet instead. I am usually up for making my own, but that's a lot of time with the jigsaw, and frankly I just don't have the patience for that. I am still looking for a cheap one with lowercase letters for the boys (we learn lowercase before upper case because we are Engleman fanatics), but Hannah Jane is good with all caps.

I set her up with a cookie sheet and a set of magnetic letters and off she goes. This activity led her to ask me, with no prompting what so ever, a very important question when spelling. It went a little something like this...
Hannah Jane: What other words can I make now that I have used all of my vowels?
Me: I don't know? Can you think of any words that don't need a vowel?
Hannah Jane: Nope. But I don't know a lot of words yet.
Me: Every word needs a vowel.
Hannah Jane: Really? Why?
Me: I don't really have a good answer for why, but I know fr sure that every word has a vowel when you count the "sometimes Y" part of the rhyme.
Hannah Jane: cool!

Later I heard her talking to Hunter when he was making up nonsense words on the cookie sheet and she asked him, "Did you know you have to have a vowel to make a word?" To this he asks, "What's a vowel?" She rolled her eyes and moved on. So funny!

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