September 15, 2009

Unit 2 all through!

It took 6 months, a little long I know, but we finally got through Unit 2 of our Tapestry of Grace, year 1! Hannah Jane just beamed as she placed the final mini book into her lap book. These books are like trophies to her. A display of what she's learned and accomplished.

So here it is! The finished product! Can't wait to see what comes next!
Click the scrap book page to get a close up look at her work!
We traveled through ancient Indus Valley, China, Greece, and MezoAmerica. We learned about Buddhism, Hinduism, the polytheistic religions of the earliest tribes of the Americas, and the naughty gods and goddesses of the ancient Greek civilizations.
We read Homer, Hindu tales for children, and a ton of DK books. We cut, pasted, searched the web, and accrued late fees from the library. We read of slave labor around the globe and learned just how many people died building these things our modern world refers to as wonders. And when all that was done, we landed back in Egypt for the dawning of the first king of Israel.

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