October 4, 2009


We left for our vacation with summer still hanging on for dear life but returned to a valley where fall has won it's seat as Queen Season. Oh, how I long for the crisp air of fall all year long. I am just giddy with pleasure at coming home to a field swirling with the little whirly-birds from the trees and brown pine needles carpeting the yard. The winds are gusty and the maple trees are transformed by leaves with intricate highways of contrasting colors. Heavier blankets are on the beds and I wake up with a craving for pumpkin butter on toast, which is my annual fall-is-here celebratory breakfast item! Sweaters come out, spiders come in! Oh, what a grand time of year!

Fall make me really crave Cappuccino Jelly Bellies, long walks for collecting leaves, mums on the porch, shared mugs of cocoa, and fleece throw blankets on the couches. Pumpkin Pie scented candles come out and the spring scented detergents and hand soaps are replaced with smells of vanilla and maple. It's the time of year for a new pair of house slippers and flannel jammies! Finally I can bake without regard for how hot it will make the house. We can all gather round the oven as it cools from baking our latest treat and warm our hands in the hot air that bellows out.

There's really nothing I can think of that I don't love about fall. So welcome back swirling leaves and shorter days. I have been waiting for you since last we met!

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