October 16, 2009

Camera catastrophe!

Boo-hoo-hoo! The wonderful camera that Joe got me for my birthday has already gone down. I got online looking for solutions to the problem only to find that a ton of people report the same, seemingly unfixable problem. Some exchanged the camera only to get another one that worked for a few weeks before going out in the same manner. So, friends, the Fuji Finepix S1500 is a great camera for the price as long as it is functioning, but the read error/write error problem seems to be fairly common.

So, all of he blogs that I have typed to go along with the wonderful pictures I took of our family activities...well...they are remaining as drafts until I figure out how to get those pictures of the darn camera! So sad to loose all of those pics! Two amazing family outings and a super set of science and math lessons were on that SD card. There must be a way to salvage them. So, I'm off to figure this thing out (and go to a much anticipated play date)! Wish me luck!!!

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  1. Anonymous17.10.09

    Now, if Joe had only asked for some input before forking out for the camera...I could have told him to buy it from Ritz Camera in Logan.
    They guarantee the camera and they match prices.
    If you can, return it, and get one from Ritz in Logan (its called Inkly camera and in the parking lot of Smith's on 400N.)
    I bought one for the office there a couple days before your birthday.


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