October 11, 2009

Fall Garden and the Mud Pit

We recently decided that we'd give winter gardening a go. It was a spur of the moment decision that was made when we were looking at flower bulbs that you plant in the fall for spring blooms and Joe spotted onions. Before I knew it, we had decided to plant onions and garlic for over wintering. We know nothing about winter gardening, but lack of understanding rarely stops a Christison! So off we went, tilling the soil and forming it into a few long mounds for our onions and garlic. The kids were right along side digging and pulling out rocks. Earthworms were the real treasure and the kids found a jar in the herb garden and quickly decided to see how many worms they could find for the jar. We decided to plant the bulbs a little closer to winter, but now the garden would be ready when we were.

Joe decided to run water between the mounds to level the soil and the kids began splashing in the mud. In order to keep them from tromping through the area that we had already prepared, he decided to dig them their own mud pit. There we were out in the garden with 3 naked kids who were covered head to toe in mud. They splashed, giggled, ran in circles, and even rubbed it on each others' backs like a spa treatment. Who knew mud could be such fun?

But the fun ended when it was time to hose off. Hannah Jane thought it was fun for the first second, and then shrieks of agony could be heard for miles around. Hunter and Haven both screamed like they ere being tortured, which I suppose they were in a way. Finally, everyone was clean and wrapped in towels. In the end they all agreed that it was worth the hose to get to spend a couple of hours in the mud!

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