October 10, 2009

Fall is Farmtastic

We had a wonderful evening at the American West Heritage Center's "Fall is farmtastic" celebration on Friday. We thought we'd just take advantage of the weather to go ride the train for a while since we haven't used our membership very much, but there was so much stuff to do that we didn't know about. It was awesome!

We spent some time on the train and with the goats. You'd think that our having goats of our own might minimize the draw for the kiddos, but it doesn't. That's really all they cared to do. We had to drag them away to do all of the other activities. Haven kept saying, "I wanna feed da goats!" And we kept saying, "You do that at home every day! Let's hit the corn maze!"

On our way to the corn maze, the kids asked to go down our favorite trail and pan for gold. We didn't see that it was blocked off (by a picnic table, not a sign which would have been a bit more helpful) and we went on down only to find out that it was haunted. We walked the haunted path of Grimm fairy tales and enjoyed it. About half way down a woman in costume stopped us and said, "Uh, this isn't actually open yet, but since you're this far I guess you can go on." She proceeded to follow us like she thought we might decide to graffiti a tree or something, which was a little uncomfortable, but all in all it was a fun walk. Just spooky enough that the kids felt brave being there. If we had waited until it was open and haunted by living beings rather than just plastic skeletons it probably would have been too much for Roo to take. After all, Disney Land was the scariest place on earth for him!

Next we happened upon a big burlap sack slide down a hill. Then a giant pirate ship made of hay bales complete with flags and foam swords for the kids to play with.

Finally we got to the corn maze. Joe took the lead.

I fell behind because I couldn't stop snapping pictures. You really don't want to get separated from the group in a maze. trust me. I jogged and caught back up. But wasn't this next picture worth the lag? It was such a beautiful night!

Finally, we were so lost that we cheated (don't tell!) and cut through a corn wall out onto the service road and walked back into the "town" which was beautifully decorated with lights. What an enchanting place. Visiting always sets my mind back in time for days to follow.

I think we're going to make this an annual tradition! What a relaxing night of fun and adventure!

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