October 22, 2009

Family graph for "How many more?"

We love the Saxon math program with all of it's hands on "real math!" Today Hannah Jane made a graph of how many kids are in several of the families that we know. Then we went through our "how many more?" questions. How many more kids are in our family than the Taylor family? How many more do the Taylors have than the Allees? How many more is a subtraction problem in disguise, so we're building skills in a secret, no pressure way!

I love all the graphing we do, but I hate having to draw graphs with a ruler and pen for the kids to fill in. Seriously can't stand it! So I did a web search for empty graphs that I could just print out and they could fill in. Apparently most kids don't graph until their fine motor skills allow them to fill in itty-bitty spaces because there were no big open empty graphs that kids could glue tabs or shapes into. Ugh!!!! We do enough graphing that I thought it worthy of my time to make one in a word file that I could just print any time. Then I thought, hey! Lot's of our friends use Saxon and they must be feeling the same. So, here's the graph- all big and empty- to share! So print away, Saxon following friends! No more sketching graphs at the last minute while the kids ask, "What's taking so long?!?!"

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