October 9, 2009

Girl's Club

I saw a post on our home school forum that there was to be a free class on supporting the emotions of your child and other related topics. It sounded right up my alley, so I called immediately to register. As part of the registration, the woman asked the ages of my children and when I told her Hannah Jane's age she said, "Oh, does she want to be in girl's club?" On the inside I was screaming, "Are you kidding?!?! Of course she does!!! All she wants in the world is other girls to hang out with!!!" But I held it together and said, in a completely non crazy lady way, "Well, could you tell me a little bit more about it?" Quite honestly, I didn't care one bit about anything other than the presence of other girls for Hannah Jane. They could sacrifice a chicken for all I care (well, okay, maybe not that, but you get my point) as long as Hannah Jane had a chance to meet other homeschooling girls her age.

When I dropped her off, two very polite girls answered the door and led us to a big room where presumably, the girls would hang out until craft time. I kissed her head, gave a quick reminder to mind her manners, and that was it. I left her to do whatever it is that thy do at girl's club. We came home and worked on our home made apple butter with great anticipation of hearing how wonderful it was.

When we arrived to pick her up, I could see girls through several windows. One girl looked at me through the front and yelled, "It's Hannah's mom!" When I opened the door, there were girls all over with arms full of fall crafts and smiles. The host mother and I talked for a brief moment about what would happen next time (North Logan Pumpkin Walk, perhaps?) and we were off.

The car ride home was a constant chatter about how nice everyone was and how funny they all were, and how a girl that she had met at a play group long ago was there and she had just been dreaming of seeing that girl again! Her crafts were adorable. Her face was as happy as I have seen it in a while.

Thanks to girl's club, I think Hannah Jane's days of crying over not having any friends in Utah are long gone. What an unexpected blessing!

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