October 30, 2009

Halloween Math!

We're in a bit of a lap booking jag, and so there had to be a Halloween lap book! WE did bat and spider science, history of the holiday, and then math. Math? How are we going to do Halloween math? With candy, of course!

I pulled out a hand full of different candies. The boys helped Hannah Jane sort it into piles of similar candy. Hannah Assigned each candy group a color and then filled in a bar graph to represent the amounts of each kind.

This was a fun way to do holiday math, but it did result in a small crisis when I didn't allow Haven to eat every singe piece of candy. I told them that if they participated, everyone would get one piece of the candy after Hannah Jane graphed it. I gave them each one of those candy corn-like pumpkins and the boys both freaked out. "We didn't want a pumpkin! We wanted the lollipops!" I calmly said, "I am giving you a piece of candy, and I expect a thank you instead of a fit. And you know that I absolutely cannot give you anything that you are screaming for." They continued flipping out without saying thank you, so I scooped the half chewed pumpkins out of their mouths and sent them to time out. They recovered and came back upstairs. Then every half hour, for the rest of the day, one of them would remember that there was un-eaten candy in the house and would flip out all over again.

So, this project pretty much ruined our day, but I'd say if your youngest is able to handle the concept of only eating one small piece of candy, it's fun enough to be worth the risk.

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