October 6, 2009

Hannah Jane's Birthday

What a wonderful day spent celebrating six fabulous years of life for my little Hannah Jane! We had her major sort of "party" in Disney Land with the princess dinner where every princess visited our table and they sang happy birthday to her and brought her a cupcake. We've sort of made a habit of celebrating her birthday early with family from out of town, and this year was no exception. But it makes for a wonderful actual birthday. It's so much more laid back when all of the entertaining an hoopla is behind you and you can just sit back and enjoy the wonderful little person who has come from all of those years on earth.

We started our day with gifts in bed. She got a light bright and some Planet Earth brown bears that have an on-line code to play games (similar to a Webkinz, but with a more wholesome quality, I think). Grandma Kate sent her an Amazon gift card so she spent quite a while on my laptop deciding what to order. The final cart contained a magnetic poetry set, a puzzle and puzzle mat, a joke book, and a spinny speller. Not bad.

We really do have the most amazing friends because just about anyone who has ever cared for this girl called today. Who remembers birthdays like that? I sure don't. But several friends from Eugene called, an old friend from high school who has a new baby of her own and should really be too busy to remember things like 6th birthdays all the way across the country called, and all of the extended family. My cell bill is probably huge, but my kid felt like a rock star and that's so great.

Our sweet neighbor, Mrs. Joyce, who has developed quit the relationship with Hannah Jane, snuck over and put balloons on the mail box and later on showed up with far too many gifts for the birthday girl. She spoils Hannah Jane rotten every time she gets a chance. She stayed to sing and have cake with us and made it feel like a real party. We have the best neighbors on this street!

Joe had to go back to work for a meeting so he rented the kids a movie and we're just relaxing for the rest of the night, hanging out. What a nice relaxing birthday day!

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