October 23, 2009

The Ick and Narnia

It's that sort of day. Hunter's temp grew higher and higher yesterday as he lounged lethargically on Hannah Jane's bed. I bailed on Ruhi last night to stay home and be available in case the worst came to call. But so far, just a lot of grumpiness and an intense desire to gobble down the non-dairy variety of frozen treats. Joe says that my insistence on no real dairy during illness, so as to not cause a thickening of the mucous membranes, is just plain stealing the one joy that comes from being feverish, which is to eat your weight in ice cream. But we compromised on sorbet.

Anyway, the day began with a few test coughs. Each time a little person toddled into our big bed we asked how they were feeling. *Cough* momentary pause, "just a yittle bit shick.: was the usual response. No one wanted to give up on the chance of getting an ice cream breakfast and an extra cartoon. So I indulged for the day even though I'm pretty sure we're all mostly on the mend.

An episode of Alf (yes, the fuzzy alien from the 80's) was accompanied by mint tea with a healthy dose of honey, echinacea and golden seal tossed in for good measure. Oh the joy on their faces when Mr. Honey Bear comes to call! Hannah Jane turned her nose up at it, but the boys both gulped it down pretending it was coffee. "How's your coffee? Mine's so good!" they asked back and forth.

Then they all piled on the love seat and looked at books (yes, the camera is always with me) while I tried to quickly take in an article on this Vygotsky character that a friend sent me. It was a long article and Hannah Jane was annoyed at how long it was taking me to get to the promised reading of Narnia. But when you read these articles on topics you feel someone should have told you about during college and that might be of practical use in your current home schooling situation, it's hard to rush yourself.

Finally, it was Narnia time. We read the first half of book one long ago with Hannah Jane, but felt it to be a little intense for such a sensitive soul. Now suddenly they all have an interest in what the books in that box set might possibly contain. So we piled in the "big bed" and gave it a go. All mouths were quiet, eyes focused on some far away spot as if seeing Mr. Tumnus step into the light of the lamp post for themselves. Haven lasted with that intense gaze for at least three chapters before he became a bit disruptive, but was happy to move down stairs to play cars while the rest of us read on. We got to chapter five before I needed a rest of my own. At this point I asked the two children left in the bed to do a sort of tag team Charlotte Mason style narration so I could close my eyes for a minute and rest my voice. That's sort of schoolish. Right? Can I claim the day wasn't an academic wash now?

We'll see how the day progresses. I'm feeling the Narnia pressure. They really want to "finish a no pictures book in one day! Well, and *cough* I'm still a yittle bit shick!" We'll see.

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