October 18, 2009

Math class for the Bab's birthday!

Well, the day before we celebrate the birth of the Bab, we decided to have a day where we make every subject that we can relate to the Bab. I think we did alright! The boys have been exploring pattern blocks for a while now, discussing the shapes and colors, and trying to match the correct block to its outline. So yesterday, when I set out to plan our day of Bab learning, I flipped over Hannah Jane's presentation board and designed a gate with pattern blocks. Then I outlined each piece (this took a while) for the kids to place blocks over the next day. The Saxon math curriculum comes with these little outlines for shape and pattern lessons, but obviously they're not planning any math lessons for Baha'i Holy Days!

Here's the pattern that I laid out. Use your imaginations to see the gate in the wall with the sun rising behind it...

...and the outline I traced for the kids. This part was exhausting!
The kids had a ball filling in the proper shapes. They even dumped it over and did it again when they were done.

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