October 6, 2009

mosaic time!

We were walking down town a couple of weeks ago when we came across a vacant storefront with a neat little patch of sidewalk in front of it. They had taken a bunch of broken up tiles and pieces of glass and made a sort of mosaic with no real rhyme or reason where the side walk would be. The kids were so into it. We stood there for a good while as the kids ran their fingers over the different textured pieces and asked about how it was made.

Since we take inspiration wherever we can get it, we scampered on home and made our own. I gathered supplies from the craft closet and we got down to business. Here's what we did.

I made a tray of sparklies for each f the kids. A little of this and a little of that did the trick. Some glass globs, sequin, a couple of marbles, and some shells were our treasures.

Then I mixed up some plaster of paris and poured a layer into greased paper plates for each of the littles. They quickly got to work carefully placing treasures all across the plaster. Haven did get some in his mouth a couple of times (which I completely flipped out about) but I washed his mought out and took a deep breath and let him finish his project.

We let them dry and then popped them out of the plates to get a whimsical little mosaics of our own. The marbles, if pressed deeply enough into the plaster, could be spun around inside the dry plaster making it a fun little thing to roll your finger across. Everyone was quite proud of their creation and brought them out to show company at our fireside later that night.

If you do this, keep a few tings in mind. Mix the plaster in a disposable container and do it in a separate room from the kids. The dust flies every where no matter how careful you are, and it is considered to be toxic if the dust is inhaled. If you use sequin, use a popsicle stick to help make sure that at least one edge of each sequin is depressed into the plaster. If not, all the sparklies fly off once it's dry.

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