October 28, 2009

New Prosthesis!

We were greeted yesterday morning by the most amazing blanket of snow, but didn't get to play in it much because we had to head off to Shriners Hospital in Salt Lake City for Hannah Jane's new foot. Hooray for that. Her old one has been broken and she has been going barefoot for almost a full month now. With Halloween around the corner, it was pretty important to get that foot pronto.

We got there with time to spare so we stopped in to the most amazing bakery. I have difficulty crossing into the Salt Lake City Limits without hitting Mrs. Backer's Pastry Shop. It has hands down the most delectable baked goods on planet earth. Sorry my Oregon friends, but this even puts Sweet Life to shame. Waking into Mrs. Backer's is like walking into a real live Etsy shop with fanciful aprons, antique tea sets, prismatic chandeliers, and even hand made blankets all for sale around baked goods that rival museum quality art. Sometimes I find it hard to eat what I buy there because it is so gorgeous. Anyway, we try to stop in and pick up goodies for our prosthetics team at Shriners when we go. And of course we get some for ourselves.
The boys were asleep when we pulled in, so I parked at the window where I could keep a watchful eye and ran in. Hannah Jane simply said, "Get the the most beautiful thing there. Okay?" That was a hard decision because everything at Mrs. Backer's is beautiful. I ended up with pumpkin eclairs for myself and the Shriners team, and this for the kids...

Hannah Jane just smelled her cupcake forever before she ate it, and even then she at from the bottom up to preserve its beauty for as long as possible.

Off we went. We got there and Pete said that his 2:oo had cancelled and if we could hang around for an extra hour, he could finish the foot that day. Awesome!!! So we went up to the play area and hung out for a while. This Shriners has by far the coolest play area we've seen. The second floor of the main building is one big round gymnasium with office doors opening up into it. It really feels like a community room for the patients because staff have to cross it to get anywhere. So you always see doctors and care coordinators passing through, high fiving the kids who are in there playing basketball or eating lunch with their families. This is where you'll see kids in wagons being pulled around with IV's hooked up, wheel chaired friends shooting hoops, and parents hanging out on the couches offering stories of support to each other while they wait for news about their child's surgery. It's a pretty cool place.

Our hour was up and we went back to P&O. Brett said it would be another hour, so we hit a different play area for an hour and came back. This time we got a room, but we still had another hour to wait there, I assume because something wasn't quite going as planned with the new foot. How did we spend the time? Well, take a look!


Finally the foot was done, and well worth the wait. Hannah Jane wanted a Little Mermaid foot this time, and had selected the perfect Ariel from a large swath of fabric. Pete nailed it perfectly. I know looks shouldn't matter, but when you're six years old and already feeling a little different, to have something beautiful that people compliment when they are noticing your difference is a really big deal. Pete has been so sensitive to Hannah Jane's aesthetic wishes, cutting out holes so fancy shoes will fit and lining up a mermaid in just the right spot. He's the best!

As we left, sky darkening and snow beginning to fall again, we saw that Pete was leaving too. he must have stayed late to get it done. How lucky are we to have that kind of guy working on Hannah Jane's feet? Kind of makes a pumpkin eclair seem like not enough!

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