October 30, 2009

pattern block mania!

So, the Saxon math curriculum comes with (well, you buy it separately, but you HAVE to buy it) this big huge box of math manipulatives that are all brightly colored and interesting to look at. The boys have never been allowed to play with the contents of this huge math box because the items are so very expensive, not to mention tiny and easy to lose. So, of course, they have been dying to play with the forbidden fruit.

Well, their time has come. I have just started loosely doing the Saxon K book with the boys, leaving out the intense counting and calendar parts and keeping the exploring shapes and pattern parts. Boy do those guys love pattern blocks. They pretty much only make worms and snakes, but that's cool with me so long as they can point to the triangle and hexagons when asked. So suddenly Hunter is a little less suspicious about school and pretty excited at the prospect of getting to use more things in "dat box" on the shelf!

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