October 23, 2009

Seriously, why I blog

More than one person has commented recently on how much free time I must have since I blog almost daily and there are always pictures attached. In my extreme lack of free time I pondered those comments. Here's what I came up with.

1. I get my best homeschooling motivation and ideas from other homeschoolers. Plain and simple, we're part of a community that really relies on the exchange of information. Because we are in the major minority, the web is the place to do that. I may only meet 20 homeschooling families in my town, and of that 20 there may only be 5 or so that I see regularly and feel I connect with. That's a pretty limited well from which to draw inspiration. But on the web I can see what lots of families are doing, how they are coming at the same curriculum from a different direction, and really get some ideas for things that I never would have thought of on my own. That brings so much more diversity of thought and planning into my home. So, because I use a lot of other family's ideas, I share my own to give back a little.

2. Being a Baha'i family and a homeschooling family, both kind of different from the mainstream, it's nice to connect and share with family and friends who don't really get what either of those things are about. Friends from way back in the day will e-mail me saying, "Well, I never even thought of homeschooling, but it looks so fun! Tell me more. And what is Baha'i exactly? It seems to be working for you!" A few family members who had not had good experiences with homeschoolers or who were thoroughly freaked out by my becoming Baha'i have frequented the blog and called to say, "I'm sorry. I had no idea what that was really about, but now that I see it, it's so totally great!"

3. I'm an education junkie! I miss the college days of talking about Maslow and Piaget and then testing our own theories on unsuspecting groups of public schoolers. It was great fun! This opens up that dialogue again and keeps my brain from rotting with the same old thoughts of crayons and Saxon math (which we love)!

4. I despise journaling, but I do need to get those thoughts out of my head once in a while. And a blog is a nice way of organizing what we've done so that I can periodically look back and see where we started, where we've come to, and make a plan for where we need to go. It's our own little yearbook! It's a journal we share with friends and family.

So, no. I don't have that much free time. I assume that if you read my blog and see what we do at home all day you'd know that. I'm pretty occupied with helping my kids develop their little spirits and little minds, squeezing in some laundry and home cooked meals, and retaining my sanity during it all. I just happen to love being a contributing member of this radical movement we call homescooling.

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  1. Love this... I just wrote a post on blogging as well. Everyone always asks me how I do it -it is a big commitment but you do get SO much out of it as well! Totally with you on the journaling thing. I keep wanting to start but am just not drawn to it like blogging lol :-) Thanks for all your hard work blogging, I learn so much from you! :-)


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