October 11, 2009

Sewing with tots!

Align CenterI was watching a video on Waldorf education and saw a fun bean bag exercise that I liked. The problem? No bean bags. But Montessori kids sew all the time right? So why can't my kids make, or at least attempt to make, their own bean bags for this sort of play?

We already had to go to the fabric counter to get new fabric for Hannah Jane's next prosthetic foot, so we picked up an extra foot of her Tinkerbell print and the boys chose a Mickey Mouse print for theirs. I threaded 4 needles and folded 4 rectangles into squares, securing the open edges with clothes pins to keep it easy. I drew a line a half inch from the edge on the 3 sides that they were to stitch along. Easy enough, I thought.

I passed out the needles and squares with strict instructions to do NOTHING until I showed them the steps. Shockingly, they did alright. Keep in mind that I never expected the boys to be able to sew a stitch, but thought that trying a few times would be a good foundation for later on down the line when they might actually have the fine motor skills to pull it off. But they actually did sew some stitches. Hannah Jane made her bean bag completely by herself. The boys were looking quite serious as they pushed and pulled the needle back and forth through the fabric. Haven was just stitching wherever the spirit moved him. Hunter thought that sewing Mickey's eyes together, and then stitching through his nose and ears was hilarious. He cracked up the whole time saying, "I just pierced your ear, Mickey!"

So of course, both boys ended up with a wad of fabric stitched in bunches, but they had actually built some sewing skills in the process (not to mention they had a ton of fun)! Hannah Jane completed her bag, flipped it right side out, and placed a ziplock of rice inside. I showed her how to stitch the last edge to seal the bag and she was done. I, of course, sewed up two Mickey Mouse bags from the remaining fabric and we proceeded to play our Waldorf game (which I will post soon because it was a lot of fun)!

Fashion Bean Bags?

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