November 3, 2009

Fall Pattern Necklace

I'm trying to do more pattern recognition activities for the boys, and Hannah Jane loves a chance to make jewelry, so I came up with this craft that satisfies both. Whenever I get out out little trays for an activity, Hannah Jane suspiciously asks, "Are we about to do something Montessori?" Admittedly, I did pull inspiration for this craft from a Montessori school's website. Here's what we did!

I gave each of the kids a tray with 3 paper acorns, eight penne noodles (which I wish I would have colored ahead of time, but oh well), and a bit of yarn with scotch tape around one end to make it stiff like a shoelace tip.

I got out the crayons and drew a pattern on a piece of paper that included the items on their trays. I hung the pattern on the wall above their desks.

Haven, of course, needed a lot of help. His little fingers just couldn't get the hang of it, so eventually I just had him tell me what needed to go on the yarn next. Hannah Jane and Hunter, though, got it right away. They would say the sequence out loud and wrinkle their foreheads as they examined their materials and made decisions about what was to come next. In the end, everyone had a necklace that they were proud of. By the end of the day, Hunter had eaten all of the noodles off of his, and Haven had pulled the acorns off of his, but Hannah Jane protected hers with her life. It was pretty cute that the boys kept wearing them even when they were worn down to nothing but yarn around their necks

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