November 14, 2009

Lowe's Project Day!

We are so excited about the Lowe's project days for kids! We happened upon it one day while we were shopping for lumber and it is the most exciting thing! WE sign a waiver (of course) and the kids each get an apron and a pair of goggles to keep, and a little kit for everything you need to make the wooden toy for the day. There are tiny hammers to use while you're there and all of the holes are pre-drilled! When you are all done, you show them your finished project and they give you a badge to sew on your apron that tells what project you have completed. It's kind of like girl scouts!

The first time we went the kids made a magic trick Halloween box. Today they made a wooden garage for a toy car with doors that swing open.

It's so funny to go into Lowe's and hear a hundred little hammers at work. It's what I imagined Santa's workshop to look like when I was a kid: tons of tiny people with tiny hammers building tiny toys! It is so fun. And what a great marketing ploy, really! Parents get great pride seeing their children gain proficiency at wielding a hammer and an entire generation of kids grow up know that they can build things for themselves. And when they grow up to build those things, they will of course go to Lowe's to buy their supplies because they will have such great childhood memories of learning how to build with their dad at the back of the store.

I hear Home Depot has an event like this as well, but we've not gone to theirs. I had it in my head, before being a homeowner, that I was a Home Depot person. But now that I've actually had to spend massive amounts of time in a home repair type place, Lowe's has my heart. t just feels better there. So, I guess it's only fitting that my kids all have a tiny Lowe's apron for projects day. Joe joked that if we started going to both stores' project days we might get confused and wear the wrong colored apron to the store and make everyone uncomfortable! Ha! It cracks me up to think of it!

Anyway, I highly recommend the project days, which ever store you love. It's a great way to foster confidence in their ability to create, they use unique motor skills with those tiny hammers, and the patches they earn for their apron are a fun scrap book of projects they've worked on. Love it! Thanks, Lowe's!

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