November 6, 2009

Sun-catcher Vases

As the leaves fall and the gray clouds hang low on the mountains, we start to get a little restless. With all of the pretty colors of fall, we needed a little more color inside. So we decided to get a jump start on Christmas and Ayyam-i-Ha gifts. When Joe saw what we had made he laughed and said, "Don't you know any crafts the kids can make for friends and family that aren't breakable? We can't take that on a plane!" I suppose he's right, but they're just too pretty not to make!

We got our supplies ready. I love the way the kids act during this part. They are just so excited, bouncing impatiently in their chairs jut wondering what beautiful creation we are about to make. It's so sweet. I prepared a dish of diluted glue, and 2 trays of colored tissue paper cut into squares. I gave each a brush and demonstrated what we were to do. I always demonstrate on the youngest child's desk, doing a little bit of their project for them and giving them a little head start. Since Haven was asleep, Hunter got the head start.

To make our beautiful sun catcher vases, We painted our glue mixture on the outside of our glass vases and then placed the squares of tissue paper on the glue. Hannah Jane meticulously placed her squares in barely overlapping rows. I told her that where they overlap she would get a cool new color that wasn't the exact shade of any of the tissue paper, but she still fretted about those overlapping spots. Hunter was trying to make a scene with a ladybug being chased by a butterfly. Very abstractly, of course. His progress was significantly slowed by his enjoyment of moving the ladybug around the case and then moving the butterfly in chase. Eventually he got to covering the glass, and then he burst into momentary tears over the loss of his paper friends. It was tragically adorable.

Hunter's favorite part of every art project is blow drying it to speed along the finished product. Even when you don't need it to be dry in order to add a second layer of paint or glue, or to shellac it, Hunter asks for the blow dryer. And I usually say yes. He gets so excited over the noise and the hot air! Every now and again he'll turn it around so that it blows his hair straight up and everyone laughs! He lives for the blow dryer!

So, if you are on our holiday or holy day gift list, act surprised if one of these lands on your door step! I have a feeling we'll be making more quite soon!

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