December 6, 2009

Ayyam-i-Ha Lapbook prep

Looking ahead, a thing I do far too much of, I decided that I for sure wanted to do an Ayyam-i-Ha lapbook with the kids this year. I know. It's months away, but that's how I roll! I know you can just print the templates and draw on them, but I really thought that our Baha'i lap books should have the same professional look as the Jewish and Christian ones that we get from our home school resource companies. What to do? Stay up way late and make my own professional looking ones on the computer, of course!

I took a few days to plan out exactly what should be contained in the lap book, then which style of mini book each topic needed, how many would fill a single book, etc. Then down to the nitty gritty. Now, it may appear to the common on-looker that I am computer savvy. This just is not the case. I am computer literate enough to just get by and fool all of you unsuspecting readers! So it took me quite a bit f fiddling to figure out how to import templates and then arrange text and pictures on top of them in just the right places, how to flip some of the text upside down. All of that seemingly insignificant, but kind of essential stuff.

When I finally thought that I had it all just perfect, I found that my system won't allow me to print the templates in the background, and only prints the text and images. Ughh!!!! So I downloaded a document to PDF converter and converted. Hooray!!!! Success!

Then the fun part of getting out the colored paper and scissors and giving it a test run to make sure all of the pieces fit together nicely. They did! So the images in the slide show are just the cut outs, none of the supplemental info has been written inside the mini books or anything like that. It's just a test. But when we do it as a family, the kids will research on the net to find answers to some of the questions and write tid-bits under the flaps, as well as cut, color and paste all of the mini books in place. There's lot's of learning fun ahead!

The plan, if I can iron out all of the kinks and figure out how to do it, is to post all of the pdf's here so that anyone who wants to print it out for children's classes or homeschool activities can do so. Why do the work if I'm not going share. Right? So check back after the new year (Georgian, not Baha'i) and I'll try and have it all up and running!


  1. Hi there! I posted this idea on our Ayyam-i-Ha ideas Facebook page!!/group.php?gid=335066280767

  2. Hey there! Looking for the link for this lapbook, can you help?? :-)

  3. Chelsea, sorry it took me so long to get back to you! I have the flu bug. Anyway, I'm looking through my files, and judging by the date on that post, this was right before my last laptop crashed with all of my files on it. My Ridvan lapbook files made it to scribd, but Ayyam-i-Ha files didn't. I'll check my other computer when I drag myself out bed and see if it happens to be lurking there, and if not, I'll be making some new ones because we're lapbook crazy. I'll let you know if I get around to it in time for you to use.


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