December 8, 2009

Christison Hockey League?

On the drive through an amazing blanket of snow to get Hannah Jane to her last ice skating class, Hunter said, "I want to skate today." At that very moment my body was overtaken by an alien. I am sure of this because it is the only explanation for my responding to his comment with, "Well, okay!" Really? Hunter, all three and shy like he is, out there on skates without me with him to help him along? What was I thinking?

So we got there and got him his own tiny pair of ice skates (so cute) and even though no one had used a helmet in any of the other classes, I insisted he wear a hockey helmet just to be safe. Hannah Jane asked to wear one too so that he wouldn't feel like a weirdo. So there they were, my two little hockey kids. Before you know it, as parents saw my kids with a helmet, they all told their kids to wear one. So for our last class, about a third of the kids wore helmets. Cool.

Hannah Jane nurtured Hunter so sweetly, holding on to him and whispering encouragement in his ear while the lady gave the usual safety speech. Then they hit the ice. Today was the Zamboni demonstrations, so Hunter shuffled to the center circle and listened to the man tell all about the Zamboni. He loved it! To him it was like monster trucks on ice! Then it was free skate time.

Hannah Jane got herself a walker and got one for Hunter and they shuffled around the ice together...VERY SLOWLY!!!! She always kept one hand on his walker to help keep him moving forward. Without her help, he was like a car spinning its tires in the snow. His feet would just run and run on the ice and he'd never move. So big sister just kept slowly inching him around.

Just as he was leaving the ice he took a little spill and bloodied his lip a little. Rather than crying, he was so proud of that blood. He was beaming in a tiny little manly way. He was a really hockey player, even if he never held a stick, because he had a bloody lip! So funny! Can you see the litle drop of blood in all its masculine glory?!?!

(LOL! I was dreaming of being Bing Crosby's back up singer for the last 1/2 of this video!)

With Hunter off the ice, Hannah Jane ditched the walker and showed her stuff. I was so impressed by her improvement over her first try. She was awesome!

To celebrate Hunter's bravery and Hannah Jane's improvement we hit McDonalds for some parfaits and a spin on the play ground. I really am so proud of both of them. Hunter was such a little go getter and Hannah Jane took such good care of them. I told her how proud I was of her big sisterness (looky there! I just made up a word!) on the ice and she said, "Well, mom, you know the most fun part of being a great skater is helping a new kid on the ice! Especially when that new kid is my brother!" Those kids melt my heart every day!

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