December 15, 2009

Disney Land Craft for Tinkerbell Fans!

I thought of this craft long before we took our trip to Disney land, and the whole time we were there Hannah Jane and I were thinking We've gotta' find Tink so we can get a picture to make our Pixie Hollow craft with! We snapped this perfect pic before leaving, but it took me a good solid 3 months to print the photos. SO the supplies for this craft have been sitting in the closet forever. Hannah Jane has asked at least once a week when we are going to make Pixie Hollow, and today was the day!

Here's what you'll need!

1 quart sized mason jar with lid and ring
some floral moss
a couple of varieties of silk flowers (at least one kind with long wide leaves)
A flame less tea light
hot glue
sticky tack
Photo of your precious little one with someone from Pixie Hollow!

Let's get started!
While your child places some moss in the bottom of a jar, you can trim the photo so that you have a nice cut out of just your child and the fairy.

Next you are going to slightly open your largest flower and hot glue the cut out to one of the inner petals. This will help the picture stand up without having to add an ugly Popsicle stick to the back and will create depth to your scene! Plus, your little one will look perfectly to scale in Pixie Hollow standing inside a flower!

Now your child, with her tiny little hands that can actually fit into a jar and arrange things, can add smaller flowers around the bottom of the scene and some longer leaves around the back. The moss will help hold your items in place if you just sort of embed the bottom tips down into it.
Now get you tea light and use your sticky tack to stick it up inside the lid. Don't glue it, because there is an on/off switch on the back and you'll want to help the light last through many bed times by turning it off during the day. So sticky tack that light inside the lid so that it will magically hover above the girls when the lid is on.

Hot glue a few left over flowers to the top, and you're set to go!

To make for a magical bedtime and fairy filled dreams, don't forget to switch on the tea light at bed time and place it on the bed stand! This is such a fun way to make the memories of the "happiest place on earth" last forever!

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