December 23, 2009

Grove Park Inn

We are chillin' in the Great Smokey Mountains at the moment, and since the day we arrived, we've been cabin bound by an intense layer of snow and ice. We've been without power for a time, with out TV for a longer time, but with lots of books and play time. It's been fun, but by day 3 it was clear that the kids were going to loose their minds (and I'd lose mine shortly after) if we didn't get out. Lucky for us, the road cleared- sort of- so we could hit the Grove Park Inn for their annual ginger bread house competition.

The Grove Park Inn is one of those hoity-toity places that only the well to do frequent. And I'm sure all of those well to do wish that people like me would keep my ankle biters far away, but with amazing ginger bread houses on display, I just couldn't resist. I did enjoy seeing how the other other half spend their vacations. None of these pictures are mine because I'm pirating my mom's laptop at the moment (can you believe I traveled without mine? On purpose, even!) so these are from the net. Check out this swimming pool! Unbelievable!

But we didn't go for the pool. Nope. We went for the gingerbread houses. And boy oh boy were they worth venturing out into forbidding weather! Where the best houses had once sat there were signs that said, "Sorry. This house has left for New York." They were featured on Good Morning America, so we lost out. But the 50 or so that were left were really cool. There were covered wagons (my favorite of which I will post a pic when I get back on my computer), castles, music boxes, lots of trains, and oh, so much more!

While it's true that we went just for the houses, we lucked out and a children's violin group was performing in the grand lobby by the world's largest fireplace. Grandma shelled out 30 bucks for coa-coa (that's right people! I said 30 bucks for 4 coa-coas! I'm likely do die before ever paying more than 50 cents for a cup of coa-coa, but that's just me!) so that we could sit around beside the fire and listen to the violins. I know what you're thinking...children on violins sounds like murder on the ears. But these kids were pretty amazing. Not once did I desire to gouge out my ear drums.

So all in all our one trip out in a week was an awesome one! Luxury resort with amazing gingerbread houses and over priced coa-coa (how DO they get people to pay that? I'm really stuck on that! If I knew their secret, I could conquer the world!) and beautiful live Christmas music by children. Perfect day!

I'll post my own personal pics upon return. Chek out Skyla's Kitchen for a report on the yummy casserole that was cooked for us by a musician with the band INXS and John Legend. I kid you not, that guy can cook!

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