December 12, 2009

Hanukkah Mania!

We had a fun week of Hebrew immersion! With Hanukkah here, we spent the week leading up to it reading the whopping 5 Hanukkah books our library limited us to (Holiday book policy...yuck!) and making our lap book. We learned about the Macabees, we copied latke recipes and made them, we learned about how Judith seduced the Syrian leaders using cheese (I was impressed to see the powers of L-tryptophan at work even before it had a name) and had lots of other random fun.
Last night, the first night of Hanukkah we got out my favorite menorah from our collection, one that looks like the skyline of Jerusalem, and after I lit she shamash, Hannah Jane used it to light the one candle. Hunter kept blowing them out, so after just minutes in the candle glow, Joe moved the menorah to the kitchen where it was promptly forgotten bu every one but me. It's just such a pretty thing that I kept finding myself wandering back into the dark kitchen, mesmerized by candle light.

(Click here for our simplified latke recipe! Yummy!)

Today, to top off our fun week, we had our friends, the Caspersons, over for what was supposed to be a little Hanukkah party. WE did have latkes, but we didn't get around to all of the other cultural immersion things we had planned and instead the adults sat around talking the finer points of LDS and Baha'i culture, parenting philosophy, etc. while the kids squealed with delight and cried from bonks on the head.

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