December 2, 2009

Hundreds number chart for preschoolers

Once again I made Hunter's day by letting him do a bit of math with the items in the greatly coveted math box. We got out the hundreds number chart and the teddy bear counters. I never thought of using these items together, but with his desire to use things in that box, I had to come up with something. I think we did well.

I started by going over the first 4 numbers and what they looked like. Although he can count to twelve, he can't identify the numerals in their written form yet. So we reviewed the numbers up to 4 because he'll be 4 next month and I consider at least knowing the numbers of all of the ages you've been the minimum requirement for my classroom :) Then I set out one bear of each color and encouraged him to identify the numerals by placing a certain colored bear on the specified numeral. He's a whiz! I suppose we'll start building on this by adding a numeral every week or something along those lines as long as he is meeting with success.


Next, I placed a handful of bears beside him and had him place one bear in each square beginning with 1. This encourages a sense of one-to one correspondence. Have you ever seen a child try to count a small pile of objects? Very often they will point willy -nilly to one object at a time while just counting as high as they can. Maybe there are just 3 bears, but they can count to 10 so they just keep pointing to bears until they're recited every number they know. This is common, and age appropriate, but a sense of one-to-one correspondence is the foundation for beginning arithmetic. So this is a great way to work on that. By placing one object on each number, they see that the numbers have meaning. They can also begin to associate the written numeral with a concrete quantities. Each time I changed the number of bears I gave him. Here's how it looked.
These are just a few of the things we've come up with. I am sure that there will be more to come. I am so glad to see Hunter feeling a sense of pride over his math skills. He's shy about being a little language challenged, but hes so proud of his math ability.

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