December 1, 2009

Ice Skating and culture club

It was a busy day for the Christison clan. We had to drop Joe off at work, make it to Ice Skating lessons across town, buzz home to throw dinner in the crock pot, and then whiz over to culture club. Finally home, I had to do some serious cleaning up to be ready for the LDS elders to come over tonight while supervising a reading lesson (we have to do some school today, right?), run pick Joe up, eat dinner, put kids in bed, celebrate Elder Lunt's birthday with a lighthearted round of Hungry Hippos and snacks. Just an average day of pure insanity!

But let's get back to the ice skating part. We arrived for our home school co-op's first of three ice skating lessons at Eccles Ice Arena. I had an idea of what would happen, but it sure didn't match reality. There were kids of all ages and they all just piled out on the ice, with little or no instruction, not divided up by age or anything. It was a free for all. Finally, instructors started one by one giving little tips and pointers. But most of the time was a frenzied mass of slipping and tripping little kids hurling ice walkers around intermingled with big kids whizzing around in circles trying to pirouette.

A couple of other moms and I sat around gasping one after the next as we watched our kids appear to reenact that famous scene from Bambi where he just couldn't keep his feet under him on the ice. There we splits being done all over the place. At one point, Hannah Jane was standing in the center of the rink yelling, "No one is helping me!!! What's going on?!?!?" Crack me up!

Hannah Jane had decided before we went that she was not going to tell anyone that she had a prosthetic foot. She was going to dazzle them with her skating ability and then reveal her foot in order to show them that kids with prosthetics could do anything. I have seen her ice skate before, and knew that she wasn't going to dazzle anyone but me, not because of her prosthetic, but because she's 6 and grace isn't a common forte of the average 6 year old. But I was proud of her. For the most part she avoided the walkers that they had for beginners, confiding later that it wouldn't be at all dazzling to be seen skating with one of those walkers. I heard her heroically report to her grandma that she "almost broke 2 bones!" Hilarious! On the way home she said, "I always see people skating, floating from one foot to the other with their hands behind their backs, like their strolling. I want to be able to do that when this is done!" In three lessons, that might be asking a bit much,but she does always surprise me!


Next we were off to culture club, sadly unprepared this time. Hannah Jane took her dresses that Gang had brought back from China and talked about her Eugene friends that were Chinese and the things that they had told her about their culture. She left out all of the necessary facts to make her stories make any sense at all, but I jumped in here and there to elaborate. Luckily, all of the other families canceled and it was just us and the Caspersons. Kai dressed as a native American Indian and did a little Q &A session as Squanto. He always amazes me. Lucky for us it was low key and the kids had some snacks of fortune cookies and succotash (what a combo!) and then a little play time. It was fun. I got a great picture of Hannah Jane and Ky both dressed in their presentation gear, but I zoomed in too far so Kai looks to be undressed with Hannah Jane hanging on him, so I thought better of posting it here :) It's pretty cute though!

Still to come: Elder Lunt's birthday party. I have to pick up a cake on the way to get Joe and we'll be all set. He and Joe have had this thing going about having a Hungry Hippos tournament, so we bought the game for his birthday and plan to have a very unenlightened and immature evening of hippo play and birthday cake. It should be fun!

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