December 4, 2009

Making resin pendants for kiddos

I have a niece (hi Addy!) who is totally impossible to shop for, especially since we live in small town-ville now and don't have any of her favorite stores. So, for Christmas I opted for an iTunes gift card. But that seemed pretty lame, and I wanted some dorky little personalized something to add to it. Addy wants to run a pastry shop some day, which totally suits her because when you see her gorgeous smile you really just think sprinkles and cupcakes and instantly develop cavities just from being so close to all her sugary sweetness. So I was looking for a little craft to make that would reflect that.

I have been dying to dabble in resin for quite some time and this was the perfect chance. I made her a key chain with her name in beads and a bazillion little cup cake sprinkles and some glitter behind it. I went ahead and made her little sister a necklace to match. I had to try it twice, but it was worth it.

I bought resin molds ($2 per sheet. 1 sheet has 12 depressions in it), 2 part epoxy clear drying resin, and little filler objects. You have to measure the epoxy exactly. Now, I don't do anything exactly and usually deem directions to do so as frivolous dictatorship on the part of the instructor, so I just eyeballed it. Bad choice. My first round never hardened. Have you ever had a Halls cough drop that got some moisture in it and forgotten about for a year or so? Yeah, that gooey with a hard center feeling is what I got from my first try. What was really upsetting about that is tat I had to scrape the occlusions clean and risked ruining my molds forever. But all was fine and I tried again with a greater eye on exact measurements.

The project must sit for 24 hours in 75-80 degrees under light. I don't keep my house that warm when there is snow on the ground, but I found a pretty cool spot for all of this. Our furnace and hot water heater are in this little closet downstairs, which stays pretty warm. And for whatever reason, there is a single light bulb above a randomly placed shelf. I had never noticed this before, but what a lucky find in our new home! I placed the mold under the bulb in that warm closet and the pieces turned out great!

I figured that with all the supplies out, I'd play a little and see what kind of things I could make in the other occlusions and I love the results. I cut up some of those strips of Easter basket filling that are kind of iridescent. I crumpled them up, rolling them in my hands and then pushing them into the resin with a tooth pick. I love, love, love the results. I'm a big opal fan and I think that if I hadn't been sloppy with the glitter in Addy's key chain and gotten a few bits in the wrong mold, this would totally look like a nice big opal.

I have a group of friends who get together, usually once a month or so, and make beaded gifts for friends and for charity auctions for the Woman's Center. This will be such a fun thing for us to do to take our hand made creations to the next level! Cool Beans!


  1. Holy moly, batman! Those are just fabulous! I have directions for making your own resin knitting needles (which would require a different kind of mold), but wasn't even sure where to start. Where do you buy such materials? My husband is just going to LOVE that I want to try a new craft project. :-D Thank you for sharing such a beautiful project.

  2. Haha! Your husband sounds like mine :) I got all of the supplies at Hobby Lobby. I didn't see any knitting needle molds, though. You might have to special order something like that. A knitting specialty store, perhaps?

    I saw a book for making resin knobs for cabinets. I have a sea themed bathroom and have never found knobs that are just right. If I can find the molds, I might make some knobs with a shell atop a layer of sand in them.

    Let me know how your needles turn out if you try them!

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