December 14, 2009

Mom of the year!

I frequently give myself the Mom of the Year Award when I do or say something that probably makes other mothers cringe. Like this, for instance.

Joe spent forever getting the kids bundled up for the snow while I was grabbing a quick nap because the kids got us up crazy early. I assume he got Haven dressed first and then Haven had to sit tight while everyone else had their turn getting bundled, because by the time I got up from my little sietsa, Haven was nodding off right there by the door while he waited.

What wins me the Mother of the Year Award yet again is the fact that instead of laying him down in some soft place to take a restful nap, I grabbed the camera. If you're on facebook, you probably already saw my mom mention that we have a similar video of me at his age nodding off on the potty. Yup. It is a family tradition to opt for the camera over saving your child from a possible concussion from slamming their sleepy head into a knee or a wall. You see, I can't help it. It's in my genes to value laughter over safety!

What I do so love about this video is that he smiles and giggles every time he gains even the slightest level of consciousness. If I were that sleepy and stuck sitting in the kitchen floor instead of hugging my pillow, I don't know that I'd be quite so adorable. In fact I can pretty much guarantee that I would not be!

In the end he took a soft landing on his heavily-padded-for-snow-play arm and just continued his nap right there in the floor. What the video does not show is that when I tried to move him to the couch, he threw a fit to go play in the snow. By the time I carried him out to the snow, he was asleep again. I tried to take him in to rest and he woke up crying, "Sled! Sled!" So we sent our poor, half awake child down a small hill on his snow disc a couple of times to wake him up! That did the trick.'s the clip! Hope you all get as big of a laugh out of it as I did!

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