January 25, 2010

Bake Sale 4 Haiti

Man! It's been a long time since I've posted. So sorry! The kids were kind of struck down by this mega cold that seems to have 9 lives! The day the Taylors arrived for their visit (lucky us!) Haven got super sick and then one by one they all got a dose of the yuck. Even Joe was down and out for a day of their visit. No fun! So not only have I been too busy wiping noses to spend much time on the computer, I've also had nothing exciting to report since the kids have been in ed most of the day for almost 2 weeks! It's crazy!

But now, thanks to the darling Hannah Jane, possessor of the toughest immune system known to man and the first healed of the Christison clan, we have something fun to report! Hannah Jane decided to have a hot cocoa stand to raise money for Haiti. I gave permission and she began planning away while the boys napped in sickness. Finally the day of the big event came but there was a nice sheet of ice on the roads. We thought it best to postpone until the streets were better so that no one had an accident trying to pull over and donate.

So we canceled. She spent the morning determined to raise some money, so she put on funny musical acts in the living room and wouldn't let us come in unless we gave her a dollar to send to Haiti. She was still firmly in fund raising mode!

We went on to the grocery store without buying supplies for the cocoa stand, and came home. Soon, Hannah Jane's friend Maddie called to ask when cocoa would be for sale. We told her that we had to cancel and we'd call her when we were up for trying again.

Well, that call sealed our fate. Hannah Jane looked at the roads, clear by now, and thought of the donations that she was missing out on at that very moment. She looked at me with those big doe eyes and I finally caved and said, "We have 2 packs of brownie mix in the basement, a box of cookies that I bought for myself but shouldn't have, and 3 slices of Maria's chocolate flan. Want to have a bake sale instead?" She was all over that!

She called Maddie to see if she wanted to help, but her family was headed out the door. Instead of buying brownies, they came over and paid Hannah Jane a dollar or so each to watch her put on yet another musical number while her brownies were baking! How cool are our neighbors? That gave her a nice layer of cash for the donation jar!

Soon the goods were ready and so we made a big sign and drug one of our tiny school desks out to the curb. Only 2 cars passed before one stopped. Soon the traffic was rolling in. After about 8 customers, a man from the news rolled up and said that the athletic director from Logan High had called about a little girl raising money for Haiti. He stayed for a good long while, but no one stopped while he was there. When he left, 2 more people sopped by before we went in.

We decided to take our leftover brownies to our neighbor Mrs. Murray, who recently had foot surgery. As we were walking to her house, a man pulled over and asked, "Is it too late? I couldn't stop when I first passed by, but I'm back! Can I buy those brownies?" We said sure and took his generous donation and headed back home to find something else to take Mrs. Murray.

We made this sign when we thought we were done gathering donations

While we were deciding what to take Mrs. Murray, the doorbell rang and it was a kind woman who said,"I couldn't stop earlier, but I think that a little girl working so hard to help others deserves a little help herself. Add this to your jar!" She handed Hannah Jane a 20 a left. How kind!

The next morning Hannah Jane was on the front page of the paper! "The biggest picture on the front page!"she announced. We decided to go along with the little pride festival and add, "Front page of the Sunday paper no less. That's the biggest one of the week. Some people only get the paper on Sundays!" I don'tknow if that is as true of a small town paper as it is others, but she sure liked the souund of it! Everyone we know brought us a copy of it. Finally, when all of the commotion had died down, I went to Ruhi and Dave's mom had sent him with a box of chocolates and a donation for Hannah Jane. I'm telling ya folks! People can be so kind! Hannah Jane shared the chocolates with the family for dessert and happily added Mrs. Bee's donation to the jar.

The grand total? $92.04 a lot of smiles, new friends, and the joy of doing for others! What a great way to spend a weekend!

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