January 12, 2010

A Cautionary Tale

So very many things were working against me. Hannah Jane had skipped across the street to play with her friend Maddie. That was the first problem. She's the sheriff in these here parts and her tattling ways are central to my behavior management plan. Then, shortly after she left, I began daydreaming about organizing schemes for the school room. Mistake number two! Organizational daydreaming always leads to disaster.

While I sat there pondering the benefits of glass canisters versus Tupperware, Hunter ran in and exclaimed, "Haven is all Eewy in my window sill!" Well that peaked my interest, broke the well organized school room spell I was under, and sent me racing downstairs to see what was up. This would be a good time to mention that Haven has been potty training this week, and had been successfully accident free up to the moment that this tale begins.

I arrived in Hunter's room to find that his description of the scene was pretty stinkin' (and I do mean stinkin') accurate. Haven was in fact in the window sill and very, very eewy! There was a pile of toilet paper and wipes by his side and it became bizarrely clear what had taken place. He had pottied on the potty (yay!!!) failed to wipe (boo!!!) and then for whatever reason, climbed into the window sill to take care of that overlooked task (double boo!!!) Thoroughly grossed out yet?

(like the little cluster of sparkles for a cover up?)
Let me read your mind and offer for the thousandth time that, yes...I do actually always have the camera in my back pocket. That is why I love being a point and shoot girl instead of a fancy, lens switching girl. A fancier camera girl would have totally missed this moment. But I digress...

I was super proud of myself for not flipping out or yelling. I gave a little giggle, even. But the fun was not over. Oh, no! I came up the stairs carrying Haven at arms length in front of me and as I called out "Hunter, you want to take a bath with Haven?" I came upon the second scene. There stood Hunter with a strange white goo in his hair!
"What is on your head?" I asked, not as calmly by this point.

"I don't know!" he said, also not so calmly.

"Oh, yes you do! What is it?" I asked again. He shrugged. "You better show me if you won't tell me," I said firmly.

He led me to my bedroom where he pointed out the culprit.

That's right. Our fun summer friend, the continuous spray sunscreen. Fallen by the way side with the arrival of snow, only Hunter knew where it hid, and he waited for the moment that his baby brother would perch all poopy in a windowsill somewhere and distract me so he could take it out and enjoy it all to himself. He knew that the moment would come, and so he waited patiently like a little Buddha for the chance to point it to his head and hold down that button for an exciting long time.

I managed one more giggle before plopping my little outlaws into the tub. What a day! And to think it was an improvement over yesterday!

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  1. Oh, dear! It sounds like you handled this situation like a pro! Some day I might have to share some pictures of flour in Sela's hair (she's African - powdery stuff does NOT come out so easily!), but I don't have pictures of the Desitin that got smeared all over some furniture and carpets. Ugh. Lesson learned: keep sticky stuff waaaay up hight and don't put anything that isn't fully washable in a child's room - and the whole house, if possible! :) Thanks for sharing (I think!).


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