January 14, 2010

Color Blending Paddles

I found these awesome color blending paddles at Oriental Trading for just 5 bucks and they are loads of fun. I remember playing with things similar to these in my college course, Physical Science for Teachers. There were several students who actually made it to their final semester of teacher's ed not being able to predict with any accuracy what you would get if you mixed 2 colors other than yellow and blue (thank you Ziplock!).

What I like about them is that children can make predictions and test them for themselves. Plus, they are super pretty.

What I don't like is that when you combine all colors of light you should get pure white light, which obviously you won't get with these. Although they are for the study of light and color, when you mix more than one, you get a result more representative of mixing all colors of pigment which, in the realm of science, is a completely different matter all together.

For your five bucks you'll get several of each color (so theoretically you could share them among a few families and only pay a buck 25), the joy of having kids who go to college knowing more color blending outcomes than just the one that Ziplock can teach, and a place to make some goofy window faces that will make your brother smile!

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