January 5, 2010

Holiday Travels in a Nutshell

Well we're home from our long trip to Tennessee, then North Carolina, and then back to Tennessee. I learned a lot while we were gone. Here is just a piece of it...

I learned that the amount of snow that will slow a Utah parking lot just a bit will bring North Carolina to its knees.
I learned that if you are going to be snowed in to someone else's house, it's good if it's someone who cooks regularly and has at least some unexpired food in their cupboard. And if you can't do that, it's nice to find that there is a domestically gifted musician/play write next door.

I Learned that a lot of my friends have strong opinions about the band INXS and that Diz Whatever his name is is not IN the band but has played WITH t he band. My point was neither to condone nor endorse the music or extra curricular activities of INXS band members, but simply to point out that they happen to employ brilliant chefs as back up musicians. And for those of you still hung up on this guy...
He also makes a mean holiday baked goods platter with hand frosted gingerbread people and a variety of fancy cakes as well as...
sweet little bird feeders with cute coppery leaf decorations on the bottom!

I learned how lucky I am to not have to partake in the Internet dating scene.

I learned that you should never even buy something as simple as cocoa from a place with no price list on the menu!

I learned the ingredients for three very important family recipes that I have gotten and lost millions of times over the years. I guess that means I also learned the importance of writing things down? I'll share at Skyla's Kitchen really soon!
I learned that my mom is wild about my blogging and wants to contribute by taking pictures of me every time I pick up a spatula. That was kind of nice!

I learned that if you are going to have a kitchen themed blog, you must be ready to hear the phrase, "You write a cooking blog and you didn't know to _____ when you're making ____?" That wasn't so nice.

I learned that car rides are the best way to catch up on old news and rekindle fabulous family fires.

I learned that when Haven has brain wave measuring electrodes strapped to his head, he can beat any grown man who feels inclined to challenge random babies to a match of Mind Ball in the Adventure Science Center. Hilarious!

I learned that my dad is not actually ignoring me when he doesn't answer his cell phone. He just really and truly can't hear it, or feel it vibrating, or notice all of the people who spontaneously break into dance every time his ridiculously loud and thug-like ringer goes off.

I learned that stingrays are totally slimy and way fun to play with if you're lucky enough to live near a mall with a sting ray touch tank! I also learned that it's a little disturbing, yet way fun to eat seafood while surrounded by fish at the Aquarium in Nashville.

I learned that my dad's wife, Yaya (or Yumiko as she was actually named at birth before being renamed by my children) is a rockin' good cook when my dad allows her to cook something containing carbs and dairy products (usually a no-no at their house). Her Ginger Chicken is the best, so I've posted it here!

I learned how to grow my own sprouts from dried lentils!

I learned that the Swedish turned Japanese comic strip turned animated series, the Moomins, translated into English is delightful fun for kids. I love it!

Most of all, I learned how good it feels to come home! I love our home!

We had a great trip, but nothing beats home. It's good to be back. Forgive me for not returning notes or e-mails for a week or so out. I'll be playing catch up for quit a while still. Small price to pay for all of those life lessons!

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