January 13, 2010

Kanzashi hair blooms

My favorite mommy friend, Steffanie, was supposed to come over today and share her hair bow making skills with me. I was totally giddy at the prospect of learning a new craft, but her kids seem a little sick so she called to postpone our craft date. So tragical!

But I was already primed to get crafty up in here, so I decided to figure out how to make those cool hair flowers from Little Lesiw, that I absolutely love, but can't afford (or won't afford, I should say). Well, I googled it every which way and couldn't find a tutorial. What I did find were tutorials on how to make Japanese Kanzashi Flowers. There are flowers like these at Little Lesiw in the "Daisy Bloom" collection. So, I dug out my bag of remnant cloth and got ready to go!

My favorite site for clear steps is Cut Out and Keep. This is a tiny, tedious craft and lots of people claim to teach you how, but this is the only site I found that had reasonably easy to follow photo directions. It will instruct you to begin with 2 inch squares, and I think that's a little small. I had a slightly easier time with 3 inch squares as a starting point.

Following those instructions, it was going okay until the knot tying part. I simply cannot tie the darn thing tight enough to keep the petals perfect. But I can wiggle them and nudge them around until it looks alright. Then there's the difficulty sewing on the button so that it's actually centered. Not so easy.

This was my first one with 2 inch squares and lopsided petals.

My guess for making it a little easier next time is to shape the flower and THEN spray it with heavy starch so that it keeps the open petals and maintains even distribution around the knot. Then I will likely hot glue the button rather than sewing it.

Anyway, these make adorable hair pins for girls or funky additions to scarves or handbags. You'll either love making them or you'll want to scream and jump out of a window. I haven't decided yet which camp I fall into. But I sure go my craft on, which is what I really wanted!

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